COVID-19 Statement

In light of the global spread of COVID-19, which has affected us all, FIDE is refocusing its priorities and will join the efforts of other organizations to do everything possible to prevent the spread of this disease, and ensure the health and wellbeing of its team members, colleagues, and the general population. In the short term, all our team are working remotely and will be unable to provide you with the usual face-to-face opportunities. However, we remain committed to doing everything we can to support our clients and ensure improved outcomes for patients. To this end, we are offering virtual training and consulting solutions that can help you adapt to evolving market scenarios.

  • As more targeted therapies and new pathways emerge for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, strategic planning is critical for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in early-stage development of the next generation of biopharmaceutical products.

    Navigating the process of clinical development from proof of concept to regulatory and commercial success requires a balance between product profile differentiation and mitigating against product development risks.

    Our therapeutic expertise provides high-value insights to help you identify assets with clear market potential, allowing you to develop a successful portfolio strategy that incorporates disease-specific value drivers and evolving evidence requirements.

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  • We love to solve problems. Our philosophy is to examine the problem from all angles and formulate solutions that instill confidence.

    Maximizing the potential of traditional consulting formats, such as advisory boards, can be a challenge. Sometimes the group dynamic of experts may result in advisors who are not well positioned to provide optimal feedback, or you may be reticent to ask certain questions.

    For our consulting forums, we identify consultants who have the right combination of clinical expertise and local knowledge, as well as appointing a FIDE co-chair to facilitate and promote frank discussion.

  • Optimizing the performance of your assets in the marketplace requires early planning and appropriate benchmarking against current and future competitors.

    When your product is in the early stages of clinical development and you need to ensure your initiatives deliver value, our market insights report provides an up-to-date analysis of key therapy area drivers and challenges, supported by clinical assessments of the latest therapeutic targets and drugs in development.

    Our clinical perspectives, obtained by way of structured interviews and critical review by the experts, provide you with informed direction to make better scientific decisions, aligned with your overall strategic and portfolio-specific requirements.

    FIDE Atopic Dermatitis Market Insights Report

    FIDE Atopic Dermatitis Market Insights
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  • Our conference analysis programs provide immediate perspectives on the meaning and clinical applicability of the latest data, generating unique and objective clinical insights that can directly inform industry strategy.

    In addition to our conference analysis program, we offer the opportunity for presentation at your offices, tailored to your predefined objectives.

    Our review of the new data promotes open discussion and is delivered in a style that is relevant to your commercial and scientific needs.

  • Dissemination of your scientific and clinical data requires careful planning, from the earliest stages of product development to real-world postmarket experience.

    Our extensive experience as participants in scientific conference programs and as peer reviewers for international journals puts us in an unmatched position to provide valuable insights into how to engage with your target audience, at the right time, via the appropriate vehicle.

    We provide expert clinical perspective on the most important data you should consider for communication in future publications, or we can conduct a strategic review of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ publications.

  • Once your product is preparing for launch or already established in the marketplace, an understanding of the data clinicians believe best support the value of therapies and those which support a position of differentiation is vital to shape your ongoing strategies.

    In our interactive workshops, our panel of experts mentor your attendees through a process of prioritizing current and upcoming competitive challenges, and implementing tactics to help you define accurate and progressive objective setting and messaging.

    We provide critical insight directly from clinical practice to convey essential knowledge on the clinical profiles of competitor drugs in order to identify their key scientific strengths and weaknesses.


    Feedback from recent FIDE Competitor Workshops:

    The candid responses from the panel are helpful in forming positioning for upcoming programs
    Director Global Marketing, Top 10 pharma client
    Very valuable! Nothing replaces the experience and knowledge of such specialists
    Scientific Director, Medical Affairs
    This was the best session I have ever been in — a lot of powerful and helpful and impactful knowledge
    Medical Science Liaison