COVID-19 Statement

In light of the global spread of COVID-19, which has affected us all, FIDE is refocusing its priorities and will join the efforts of other organizations to do everything possible to prevent the spread of this disease, and ensure the health and wellbeing of its team members, colleagues, and the general population. In the short term, all our team are working remotely and will be unable to provide you with the usual face-to-face opportunities. However, we remain committed to doing everything we can to support our clients and ensure improved outcomes for patients. To this end, we are offering virtual training and consulting solutions that can help you adapt to evolving market scenarios.

  • Our full-day preceptorships strategically enhance your initiatives to improve interactions with physicians, bridging the gap between internal training and what is perceived by the physician and patient in the “real world”.

    Integral to the learning process are live patient presentations to provide context to the patient journey. For additional understanding of patient consultations in the dermatology practice and the multidisciplinary team involved in patient management, the programs often include workshop sessions with a physician assistant or biologics coordinator.

    Our made-to-order comprehensive educational initiatives offer flexible solutions that meet your needs based on the current stage and future positioning of your product, as well as considering the maturity of your team’s knowledge.

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    Feedback from recent FIDE Preceptorships:

    Great audience interaction
    Director, Commercial Training
    Getting the experts speaking to us in work groups and getting to know them was very invaluable
    Medical Science Liaison
    Nice flow of the day. I loved hearing the stories from patients
    Sales representative
    The patient perspective provided energy and drove home the reasons why I do the work I do every day
    Marketing Director
  • The most valuable discussions and interactions with our consultants take place in our face-to-face training programs. However, when distance and time work against you, we offer expert-led e-learning modules that can be implemented into your existing learning management system and may incorporate learning analytics.

    Our learning modules provide the same high-quality expert insight and tailored content as our live training but represent a cost-effective component of blended learning, providing increased access to the clinical expertise.

  • Identification of new clinical trialists (and “rising stars”) is sometimes challenging. Because our experts take care of patients with severe skin disease and engage in clinical trials, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice on how to perform clinical trials and interpret the resulting data.

    Our multi-sponsored clinical trialists’ development program ensures that the next generation of physicians has the requisite skill set to learn about the strengths and limitations of different clinical trial designs, including use of different metrics, interpreting data in the context of the statistical methodology used, and applicability to patient care.

    Sponsors have the opportunity to nominate and interact with attendees who can develop into experts in the disease medication pipelines and will move the state of the art forward as effective consultants for industry.

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  • Often the culmination of intense, high-level interpretation of the latest conference data is not communicated to the broader community. Many dermatologists throughout the world do not have the opportunity to attend conferences or understand the practical importance of presented data until much later.

    Our peer-to-peer training programs refine HCP skills and behavior to improve diagnosis, increase awareness of current guidelines and treatment goals, and enhance understanding of the latest data for evolving treatment options.

  • In some regions, such as Latin America and Asia, peer-to-peer education for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases may be ineffective.

    Taking place live at an international conference, our physician mentoring program follows a similar format to FIDE conference analysis programs. We work with identified dermatologists to increase their knowledge and confidence of appropriate analysis and presentation of clinical data, in the process developing a set of lecture slides that can be used in local educational programs.

    We can help develop an international network of thought leaders by transferring our experts’ skills of data interpretation and communication of insights for improved patient management and effective integration of new therapies into practice.

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