COVID-19 Statement

In light of the global spread of COVID-19, which has affected us all, FIDE is refocusing its priorities and will join the efforts of other organizations to do everything possible to prevent the spread of this disease, and ensure the health and wellbeing of its team members, colleagues, and the general population. In the short term, all our team are working remotely and will be unable to provide you with the usual face-to-face opportunities. However, we remain committed to doing everything we can to support our clients and ensure improved outcomes for patients. To this end, we are offering virtual training and consulting solutions that can help you adapt to evolving market scenarios.

Virtual services from FIDE

The onset of COVID-19 has far-reaching implications on the healthcare environment and has resulted in rapid evolution to a virtual world. Now more than ever, many of our subscribers are facing new challenges including:

  • Attending major conferences virtually. The true value of a conference goes far beyond the clinical research presentations - it’s about conversations with experts and being actively immersed in debates
  • Barriers to optimal data dissemination and staying up to date with clinical developments, as data release timetables are disrupted
  • Clinical trial delays
  • Restricted 1:1 HCP access and engagement
  • Impeded knowledge transfer, preventing your customer-facing staff (especially MSLs) from remaining up to speed with the latest clinical data
Virtual meetings

Leveraging 10 years of experience developing training and consulting solutions, we have implemented “virtual” services that will continue to help you optimize your strategies, ensuring you maintain your competitive edge while ultimately improving patient care

Virtual Conference Analysis Service

Our experts have years of experience working together to provide rapid and balanced critical analysis of data presented at conferences. Our adapted conference analysis delivers timely panel discussions in which our experts debate the importance of new data and their potential impact on clinical practice

Expedited Expert Engagement

Subscription to our service enables you to connect 1:1 with experts from our global network within 2 weeks to get rapid responses to your time-critical questions

Consulting Forum

For more detailed discussion of the topics most relevant to you, we convene FIDE experts with the appropriate clinical and local expertise, and devise an agenda to meet your objectives

Market Insights Report

Our report provides you with detailed insight into the key drivers of disease management and perceptions of current and emerging therapies, obtained by way of structured interviews with multiple experts

Industry Training

By providing understanding of what is perceived by the patient and physician in the real-world, our expert-led program enhances your interactions with physicians. To supplement your internal training, we offer live or recorded online sessions that can incorporate virtual workshop breakouts

HCP Summit

Our peer-to-peer programs help refine HCP skills and behavior by improving understanding of current treatment goals and the implications of the latest research for HCPs’ practices, delivered via pre-recorded modules and live expert Q&A